LUX Tennis provides professional tennis coaches to luxury resorts and private clients worldwide with a tailored solution that manages all tennis activities.

A tennis management company that carefully selected and trained current or former international ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) players that share the same passion, modern vision and vast experience of this sport.


  • Current or former ATP ranked professional tennis players – Thanks to their immense experience, your game will improve quickly.
  • Most of our coaches are qualified coaches in France or Spain. The two best countries in the world for tennis. 20% of the top 100 ATP players are French or Spanish.
  • Our coaches are fluent in two languages or more – all speak English
  • They are still fit and dynamic on the tennis court
  • They have experience in private coaching with adults and children
  • They are understanding and gifted with human skills
  • They can manage a team, create tournaments and events


  • RESORTS that need a tennis manager or seasonal worker(s)
  • FAMILIES who wish to have a private coach anywhere in the world
  • PRO PLAYERS who want an intensive tennis program and support in tournaments

One week minimum to take advantage of our professional tennis coaches.

In order for us to find you the perfect coach, simply tell us your requirements and we will contact you right-away.